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Past Life Regression 
Therapy with Zaara
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Past Life Regression ( PLR) is simply travelling back to a past life. As part of therapy, the “past life” is accessed through entering a deeply relaxed state through hypnotic inducement.


Past Life Regression may be an effective tool enabling clients in finding the underlying cause of their problem empowering them to move forward or make constructive life changes.

The therapeutic benefit of PLR is based on the principle that a persons life issues – such as trauma, phobias, fears, insecurities, emotional issues, physical pain or blockages may have roots set in previous lives rather than in this current lifetime.

By enabling clients to “travel back” to previous existences, their subconscious can be accessed to explore, release and heal the past beliefs, patterns, illnesses, unfinished business or any trauma that our unconscious mind can take with us from life to life.

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