Future Life Progression Therapy with Zaara 
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Future Life Progression, as the name suggests, is going into your potential futures, as opposed to past life Regression. Future Life Progression allows you to experience your future possibilities first hand, as a result make it more real and even make the future come much sooner.



As a therapist, I can assist you to see various possible futures through Future Life Progression (FLP) under hypnosis, enabling you to make the best decisions for your health, lifestyle, relationships and prosperity.


Imagine being able to peep into the future and know whom you are married to, where you would live and also the best career or job for you. Along with gaining this kind of knowledge, it is also possible to bring into the present, the skills and the wisdom that you would acquire in the future. 


Future Life Progression as guidance and empowerment tool, has been under-utilised so far.


  • You can use FLP to improve every area of your life.

  • You can use FLP to find 'the one' - your soul mate.

  • You can discover your inner genius to write that novel, play, song or script

  • You can use FLP techniques to make sparkling decisions at work

  • You can look ahead at economic trends for business and employment purposes.

  • You can examine your past, present and future to find any reoccurring issues that have plagued you.

  • You can connect with your soul and realize just how wonderful you truly are as you find your own true essence.

  • You can look at yourself in your next lifetime to find out how you evolve.