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Questions and Answers 

What do I need to aware of?

My belief is that therapy is most beneficial when a person is comfortable and at ease. Although many do visit therapists and have obtained successful outcomes, there are also many others that shy away from public contact and formal meetings and therefore never obtain the help that could make that difference. 


Long distance therapy does not come without its disadvantages and a person does need to be committed to the sessions and the tasks given however a good rapport and the willingness to persist will lead to the desirable changes.


How is information received? 

You may receive it in a variety of ways – a knowing or an awareness, visualise or picture of images, as an impression; in detail or fragmentary; a sensation information is being whispered in your ear as quick and cloudy impressions; you may experience it like watching a movie, complete with audio and visual. 


As each person is unique, so is their ability to receive information. While in session, trust the way you receive it. It will be right and perfect for you.


How many sessions do I need? 

This varies with each client and issue being addressed. Imagine each issue is much like an onion. 

There are layers that need to be peeled away so to get to the “heart.” 


For a moment, think of how many years you have held onto an issue and how it has directed your life. 

It is important to be patient with yourself and the process of hypnosis, so you can gain self-empowerment and the happiness you deserve. How ever many sessions needed will be worth it and you will see this for your self. 


Will I be awake during the session?

Yes you will be fully awake. Please know that I  will offer positive suggestions and self-hypnosis “tools” for you during your session. It is through your receptivity, commitment and dedication to accepting the suggestions and using the “tools” offered that permanent change is maintained. 



Are there any dangers of being hypnotised?

Hypnosis is not dangerous. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind, rather like a daydream, which everybody experiences every day.  Your mind creates the hypnotic state and accepts or rejects any suggestion made by the therapist - at all times your mind is in control and this remains throughout the course of therapy. 


There are so many misconceptions about hypnosis that any specific worries you may have are best addressed during the initial chat when I call you for the first time. 



What if I cannot be hypnotised?

No. Anyone who can follow simple instructions can be hypnotised. If I am unable to help you that I will of course inform you in the most gentle manner.

Is there any after-care?

I am available for updates , problems and progress made. Also if something is not working for you during the sessions then please let me know so we can collectively work together to make the necessary changes.



What about confidentiality?

All cases are treated with full confidentiality. There are no exceptions. Even close family or friends will not receive any information regarding you nor will anything be discussed mentioning your name or details. 

How is the therapy carried out?

For your  optimum ease and comfort , Skype video call is NEVER used for my services. The sessions are carried out via Skype voice call/ Whats app call or telephone. Email follow ups and concerns are welcomed in-between sessions and self care instructions are also provided on request. 

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