Past Lives Intuitive Counselling with Zaara 
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Past Lives Intuitive Counselling - A space for you to discuss those past life concerns that weigh you down.

This is a Past themed talking therapy for clients that are constantly worried or concerned about a fear, a hurt, or a painful relationship they don’t understand.  

Or, maybe you  just want some insight and are looking to explore your life’s purpose and need some reassurance that you are on track. 

Some breath work and relaxation techniques can be used as part of the therapy on request.  Past Life Tarot is used to further explore thoughts , energies and help build inner bridges within and externally.  


How the Past Lives Intuitive Counselling Work ?

The sessions are an opportunity for you to freely discuss your past life concerns without judgement. ​ You may bring to the therapy any concerns that you want to talk about.


PLEASE NOTE This is a talking therapy and not Past Life Regression Hypnosis.

Your Session Will Include: ( Not necessary in that order )

  • A space where you can discuss your concerns without judgement 

  • Past Life Tarot to explore the themes and how they affect you today 

  • Psychic Guidance to overcome these issues 

  • Relaxation and Breath work 


How many sessions do you need

You may book these sessions according to your need and wish. 


How is the session carried out 

The therapy is carried out via telephone call. Just like all  other therapies and services, video calling is never used for your comfort and ease. 

How do you start the process

Complete the questionnaire to request the service. You will only have to do this once as a new client. 


Please do Remember

The context of the session can be open to interpretation. By reading this you accept and understand that I have no liability on any future action that you may personally take. Ultimately life is shaped by the choices you make which may have consequences for better or worse and lessons required for your own personal evolution. 


I am unable to diagnose any health matters, give solid outcomes for legal hearings or make infallible predictions. This is because free will plays a ample part in designing our destiny and desires. It will then be up to you to use these tools to shape and build your life path. 

Predicting in any case can impact the will to take action as we will simply take for granted that the matter "will happen". This is a very outdated view as astrology should be used to learn and self power rather than become stagnant as the universe will deliver either way. 

I can give an astrological weather forecast which can give seasons of planet power. I  can also provide astrological weather for weaker planetary periods in which efforts should be programmed accordingly.