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The Spiritual Vedic Technique

Do You Read Your Daily Horoscope And Hope It Will Come True​​

The traditional Vedic astrology goes further than the daily horoscopes that one reads for his or her star sign. It also uses a lot more analysis when assessing a persons life and personality by using calculations and degrees of a combination of planets.

Many revelations and discoveries can be found through this method in which a individual can then use for his or her advantage.

Although many astrologers use Vedic astrology as a divination and to predict events, I personally believe that the Vedic system can provide a forecast or time period of astrological weather in which opportunities can be easily available or when there will be a drought. 

It is however up to the individual to seek these opportunities out and when to be vigilant of making major decisions due to bad weather. As we all know free will plays a big part in the scheme of things and therefore predictions no matter how believable can never be set in stone or always come to pass. 


The Spiritual Vedic Technique In Action 

My Spiritual Vedic technique is a analysis method I have devised and I use in order to establish a snapshot of clients personality, life path and strengths. The technique extensively is used in conjunction with most of my therapies and services. 

Although I use the elements and the base of the fundamentals of vedic analysis I do not use the quintessential methods for analysis and certainly not clear cut prediction therefore it must be understood that I am not a vedic astrologer per se. 

I use my technique to obtain a overall life blueprint of every client who undergoes therapy with me. This is so that I can be aware of any sensitivities and be mindful when conducting the sessions.

My strong view point is that any kind of therapy although very effective can also be unsettling for some clients. If I am aware of any trigger points beforehand than I can steer the therapy in a way that is most comfortable for the client. 

How The Technique Is Applied 

Further I also use the technique when offering advice to clients and also when recommending the better suited therapy for them. I have had clients who have asked me to explain to them how this all works and how I put it together. 

What I can say is that the technique is not textbook learnt. This technique has been solely devised by myself and is only used with the therapies I offer. You will not find the same technique with anyone else. I use the technique to enhance my therapies resulting in a higher success rate and satisfaction. The client does not have to be a believer of the technique for this to work for them.

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