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Intuitive Counselling 
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Intuitive Counselling with Astrological Weather to find out what is happening within you and those around you.
Intuitive Counselling helps to clarify and deepen messages from your current energies and from those you wish to ask about. 

The cards also enable inner awareness, the subconscious to come to the surface and  the realising of memories, feelings and sensations. A clear map of the psyche can be revealed which includes the Personality, defences, unconscious processes, and the shadow via the cards. 

The Spiritual Vedic Technique
The birth chart is a map of the sky and the prominent planetary energies in play at the time and place of clients birth. Because of this, everyone’s birth chart is quite different.  As each person is born under a different pattern of stars and planets, each personality is imprinted with different energies at birth. 

A Sensitive Counselling Service Using Astrology and Tarot 

The Tarot can offer a ‘safe way’ for the person to open up and reveal inner thoughts.


Difficult issues can be presented in a non-judgemental symbolic way. Tarot is concrete and immediate and the problem can be externalised.

Combined with the vedic personality technique and counselling what I can offer is a comprehensive session in which can be a powerful & transformation tool for your well being as well as a support system.

Tarot goes beyond fortune tellers and future readings. The Tarot in this service is not used to make predictions but for guidance and insight, without making conclusions and future speculation.


How the Intuitive Counselling service works

The outline of this therapy is up to you. The sessions are a opportunity for you to discuss your concerns without judgement and to find out the current thoughts of those you wish to know about.

Unlimited topics of your choice Per Session. Ask Away.

Relationships , Love , Family , Personality, Life Path, Inner questions 

Your Session Will Include: ( Not necessary in that order )

Explanation of your Vedic Astrological Chart

Your current Planetary Influences

Intuitive Counselling

Insight into Relationships

Spiritual Guidance

Answers to your all your questions

How many sessions do you need
As this is not a set programme therapy, I do not recommend any number of sessions. 

You may just need one or you may wish to schedule more often depending on your requirements.

How is the session carried out 
The therapy is carried out via hourly voice Skype sessions. Just like all  other therapies and services,
video calling is never used for your comfort and ease. 

How do you start the process
Complete the questionnaire to request the service. You will only have to do this the once as a new client. 


Please do Remember
The context of the session can be open to interpretation. By reading this you accept and understand that I have no liability on any future action that you may personally take. Ultimately life is shaped by the choices you make which may have consequences for better or worse and lessons required for your own personal evolution. 


I am unable to diagnose any health matters, give solid outcomes for legal hearings or make infallible predictions. This is because free will plays a ample part in designing our destiny and desires. It is will then be up to you to use these tools to shape and build your life path. 

Predicting in any case can impact the will to take action as we will simply take for granted that the matter "will happen". This is a very outdated view as astrology should be used to learn and self power rather than become stagnant as the universe will deliver either way. 

I can give a astrological weather forecast which can give seasons of planet power. I can also provide astrological weather for weaker planetary periods in which efforts should be programmed accordingly.

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